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Let’s talk. We’ll get to know you and understand your problem. Then we’ll give you Statement of Work describing how we’re going to solve it, with deliverables, timelines, and effort estimates.

Yes.  A Master Services Agreement is executed, with individual Statements of Works appended as new projects arise. This reduces the paper work and legal review for all, and makes sure we all know the rules for working together.

We bill Time and Materials (T&M) and invoice monthly for all work performed and expenses incurred in the preceding month. We provide effort estimates for all work, and rarely exceed them (only with your permission of course). No payment is required to initiate work.
We are meticulous and strict about time-tracking. We track our time down to the second (no rounding), and only when we’re focused 100% and working – not for restroom or coffee breaks, walking the dog, or thinking about work while making dinner.

We do not offer fixed price projects as the incentives are not aligned. Clients are incentivized to maximize scope, which requires us to overestimate and balloon the budget.

That’s why you pay for only the work we perform. If we get done early, let’s use the remaining budget to tackle the next problem.

We like our first engagement to be a small, well-scoped, high-value project. This helps us build trust, learn how to work together, and demonstrate success.

From there, we typically:

  1. Continue to scope and execute well-described Statements of Works, with deliverables, timelines, and effort estimates.
  2. Perform work in an on-demand ad-hoc fashion, allowing for the flexibility in scaling bandwidth up and down, but with no availability guarantee.
  3. Provide monthly reserved capacity, guaranteeing availability.  We’ll work at your direction and work with you to make sure we’re 100% utilized.

After a first successful project, most clients choose to continue with (2) or (3).

We are not recruiters, but recognize that with success comes the need to grow and train a team. We have been the first Bioinformaticians for many of our clients, who now have large teams of Software Engineers, Bioinformaticians, Computational Biologists, Data Scientists, and more!

As part of our on-going projects with you, we can help with technical phone screens, interviews, and overall hiring strategy.

We enjoy working directly with existing teams, whether they’re from the wet lab or dry lab, communicating with Slack, email, regular meetings, or otherwise. Our relationship with you can evolve from being your Bioinformatics Department, to helping you train and build your own team, to providing long-term expertise and flexible bandwidth. We integrate and adapt at any stage of the process.

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