Whether it’s developing your technology, understanding your biology, OR scaling your bioinformatics, we’re here to help.

We combine our deep knowledge of bioinformatics, software engineering, molecular biology, and genomics.  

See a few examples projects below.

modernizing diagnostic testing

No Bioinformatics pipeline left behind

A client came to us for help modernizing a Bioinformatics infrastructure that hadn't been significantly touched for almost a decade and had tightly coupled tools, pipelines, and software. We designed, implemented, and delivered a modern cloud-based Bioinformatics infrastructure, delivered clinical validation showing dramatic improvement in both computational and analytical results. The system has now scaled to perform hundreds of thousands of clinical diagnostics tests per year across a wide range of diseases and traits.

advancing single-cell multi-omics platform

deep dives into your data

We designed and analyze experiments to improve the performance of their platform and diagnose actionable insights that have been incorporated into the upstream chemistry and instrument. We provide both on-going R&D support and expert analysis for their outside customers to get the most out of our client's platform.

qualifying off-target gene editing

cut, copy, and paste

We developed and implemented new tools for off-target gene editing analysis, quantifying the accuracy of gene editing (e.g. CRISPR) technology. These off-targets were used to optimize future designs and approaches for more sensitive and specific gene editing approaches.

assess therapeutic significance with rnaseq

there be dragons in replicating academic software and analysis

We review the literature to find the best-practice bioinformatics methods for determining the significance of the therapeutic approach culminating into a highly-public announcement.

targeted neoantigen cancer therapies in the cloud

it's not always about pushing buttons

Starting with a set of scripts that could only be run on a laptop, we delivered a cloud-based automated Bioinformatics pipeline and infrastructure based on industry-best practice engineering, to build the end-to-end neoantigen prediction pipeline, including analytical validation and reports. This enabled to client to scale their informatics to support enrollment of additional patients into their clinical trial.

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